New Compositions by Asian Composers


Abstract / About the project


This research investigates the role of conductor as ideator in the creation of new works from ideation (the conception stage) to actualization (rehearsals and performances) through a body of commissioned works written and performed from 2014 – 2017. This portfolio demonstrates the results of an intensive collaborative process between the conductor (as an ideator and performer) and three composers. The outcomes have been disseminated in live world premiere performances. Oftentimes, a conductor (apart from suggesting the duration and instrumentations for an intended premiere performance) would stay out of the creation process leaving the composer plenty of artistic space to create. This research investigates a different approach where the conductor plays the role of an ideator who actively participates in the processes of ideation, development and actualization of the new works - working closely with the composers to co-create something that is unique, innovative and significant. A body of 3 commissioned works included in the portfolio shows how 1) the ideator shapes the style of a work by choosing text to be set to music; 2) the ideator envisions a unique choral-orchestral canvas on which the composer puts her paint with different choral colors supplied by various choruses; 3) the ideator commissions a work to portray the search for enlightenment through which the final attainment is expressed by a Chinese reed instrument suona; 4) the ideator tests the concept of kitsch by a process of distillation through multiple experiments with incorporating popular music into classical works for the concert stage.

Joyce Tang: in time of daffodils (2016) for women’s choir, mixed chamber choir, mixed choir and orchestra


10 Nov 2016 / Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall HKBU Choirs / HKBU Symphony Orchestra / Johnny M Poon

Lam Fung: In Search Of... for Orchestra (2014) for orchestra with suona solo


1 Apr 2014 / Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall Ma Man Ki (suona) / HKBU Symphony Orchestra / Johnny M Poon

Yen-kai Peng: Salsa: Night’s Fragrance (2017) for string orchestra and piano


18 April 2017 / Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall HKBU Symphony Orchestra / Johnny M Poon