Prepared Duo (Violin and Viola) (7 minutes): Iridescent Resonance


Abstract / About the project


My compositional cycle Mechanical Resonance is inspired by cloud formations (Iridescent, noctilucent clouds) and the poem Cancion de la Noche Callada by Colombian poet Aurelio Arturo (1906-1974).

Iridescent Resonance for prepared violin and/or viola exists in three different versions as a DUO (prepared violin and prepared viola) or as two independent and self-contained SOLO pieces (solo prepared violin and/or solo prepared viola). ONLY one version of the piece can be performed in one concert! (either as two/one solo(s) or as a duo).

Iridescent Resonance is commissioned by Festival de Musica Contemporanea 'Cristobal Halffter', Spain; Premiered by Roberto Alonso Trillo and Aglaya Gonzales, Festival de Musica Contemporanea 'Cristobal Halffter', Ponferrada, Spain.

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