Prepared Ensemble (10 minutes): Ungar/Comala


Abstract / About the project


Archipelago Sierpinski is my most recent project. In this cycle, I intend to epitomize compositional processes that I have employed in previous cycles. The works are inspired by the combination of the name of a writer that I admire and a place that interests me. Besides using ‘impossible objects’, in this cycle, I seek to explore in more depth the possibilities of non-linear or fragmented structures. Each work consists of fragments (‘islands’) that can be navigated in many different ways (‘structural archipelagos’), hence the overall design of the cycle is a collection of collections or a ‘collection of archipelagos.’

Ungar/Comala combines the surname of Colombian writer Antonio Ungar and the Mexican town of Comala. This town is also the fictional location in which the novel Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo takes place. The piece is commissioned by the Colombian Ministry of Culture (Creation Grant); Premiered by EMCUC, Auditorium CCU Rogelio Salmona, Manizales, Colombia.

Rehearsal Video


Ensamble Música Contemporánea EMCUC - Archipiélago Sierpinski Ungar Comala

Sound File


Ungar Comala