Prepared Ensemble (11 minutes): Cartography of Peripheral Spaces


Abstract / About the project


My compositional cycle Spatio–Temporal Cartographies is the result of a collaboration with photographer Cathy Pyle. The works of this cycle are inspired by photographs taken at a house clearance and antiques centre in Surrey (UK). The works of this cycle are scored using prepared instruments, but the compositional focus is in exploring non-linear formal approaches. Each work consists of sections that can be performed in any order, but always as single movements.

Cartography of Peripheral Spaces exits in two different versions; a prepared quartet (core): saxophone, percussion, piano and violin, and a prepared septet (core + periphery): flute, saxophone, contrabassoon, percussion, piano, violin and cello.

Cartography of Peripheral Spaces is commissioned by Vertixe Sonora Ensemble; Premiered by Vertixe Sonora Ensemble, VII Festival de Creacion Musical Contemporanea, Vigo, Spain.

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