The 2nd International Conference on Performance and Creativity: Historical Keyboard Music 1700–1850 Conference Gala Concert


Abstract / About the project


The 2nd International Conference on Performance and Creativity aims to bring together scholars and performer/scholars researching keyboard performance on 1700—1850 repertory and explores current research foci and possible future developments in historical performance research.

The conference aims to explore latest development in historically-informed performance through the following approaches:

--To research how an awareness of the original sources and contexts of performance could contribute to a contextualized understanding of the creative processes in music
--To investigate how understanding historical keyboard performance as a creative activity could allow modern performers to cultivate new approaches to interpretation
--To identify interdisciplinary approaches to revitalizing research on historical keyboard research in repertory up till 1850
--To evaluate how collaborative research has reshaped historically-informed performance (HIP) for the 21st century

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