The Menetou manuscript: a study of styles and repertory for the harpsichord during late-seventeenth-century France


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This article discusses the Menetou manuscript (Berkeley, University of California, Jean Gray Hargrove Music Library, MS 777), a source that transmits some 80 vocal and keyboard arrangements of Lully’s music, and provides a comprehensive listing of concordances. The Menetou manuscript not only underlines the importance of arrangements in seventeenth-century music but also reveals the harpsichord’s multifarious roles: it can play its own music, it can accompany, it can play orchestral music as well as vocal music. In all, the Menetou manuscript provides a clear window into the diversity of musical styles that were enjoyed at the court of Louis XIV.

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The article was published on Revue de musicologie 2 (2015): 407–436