Interdisciplinary Research & Creative Practice

Interdisciplinary Research & Creative Practice is the hybrid of Creative Media and Practice-led research in Music. Music will be leading the University’s Institutional Strategic Plan (ISP) initiative to create a University Research Cluster on Creative Media and Practice of world class stature, crossing digital screen cultures, music, creative writing, film arts, and installation art. At the same time, Practice-led research in Music is the core strategic focus area in the coming years. It will be informed and driven by interdisciplinary collaborations in text-based scholarship on cross-cultural and historically contextualized themes.

To this end, Music is designing a new collaborative space in Interdisciplinary Research and Creative Practice, which will stimulate a synergistic research culture from our university strengths and attract new faculty and external partners.

All Projects


The 2nd International Conference on Performance and Creativity: Historical Keyboard Music 1700–1850 Conference Gala Concert

Death and (Re)Birth of J. S. Bach: Reconsidering the Musical Work- and Author-Concepts

Croak – or the Unexpected Joys and Perils of Singing




Sandburg Songs

The Menetou manuscript: a study of styles and repertory for the harpsichord during late-seventeenth-century France

Understanding Game Scoring: The Evolution of Compositional Practice for and Through Gaming

Prepared Ensemble (10 minutes): Ungar/Comala

Hollywood Romance (2021)

Nostra Culpa

Prepared Ensemble (11 minutes): Cartography of Peripheral Spaces

Violin Performance to Express Chinese Heritage

Banding Encounters: Embodied Practices in Improvisation

Hahn: Le rossignol éperdu

289 and State of the Union

Solo Violin Recital


F(OUR) improVISatIONS on cummings for piano and interactive graphics

New Compositions by Asian Composers

Sissieretta Jones, Carnegie Hall, 1902: O Patria Mia

Keyboard Arrangements of Music by Jean-Baptiste Lully. Critical edition, in Monuments of Seventeenth-Century Music, Vol. 1 of the Web-Library of Seventeenth-Century Music

A Distance Up-close for piano, real-time sampling, and interactive graphics

Collaborative Artistic Productions with GANs

Getting Out of the Black Box: Analogizing the Use of Computers in Electronic Music and Sound Art

Such Sweet Sorrow

Rediscovery Project - Antonio Caldara: Le Cinesi (1735)

Prepared Duo (Violin and Viola) (7 minutes): Iridescent Resonance

City Lights

Online Thematic Keyboard of Lully Keyboard Arrangements



She - An Opera of Imagination

They Say

French harpsichord doubles and the creative art of the 17th-century clavecinistes

Resisting Poems: Expressions of Dissent and Hegemony in Modern Basque Bertzolaritza

Antiphon in Memory of Pierre Boulez for 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, and 2 spaces

Enescu Performs Enescu: Glissandi in the Sonata op. 25 ‘dans le caractère populaire roumain

Understanding Game Scoring: Software Programming, Aleatoric Composition and Mimetic Music Technology

Gloriosa Piano Trio

Miles Upon Miles

An interview with Ben Grayson: From digital sampling and appropriation to remixing and the affordances of technology

Suite for Cello

Prepared Soprano, Prepared Flute and 3 Pianists (8 minutes): Minimáquina III

Prepared Saxophone Quartet (9 minutes): (White) Planes in Dissolution

Game Scoring: Software Programming and/as Aleatoric Composition for Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council: The Storytellers Conference 2018

Liszt on a Steinway

Revisiting le bon goût: observations on the irregularities and inconsistencies in French harpsichord music 1650–1730

Sprits of the Land, Lakes, and Sea: Interdisciplinary Opera as a Platform for Research on Nature, Humanity, and Memories

ReImagined Project

Machine learning (2018) for amplified baritone saxophone and diffused electronics

Perspectivas filosófico-temporales sobre el Dúo Concertante Nº 3 de Tomás Marco

Female Vocalist (producing sounds inside Piano) and Pianist (10 minutes): Uslar/Gorong

Music and Politics in the Spain of the 1960s: the case of Tomás Marco

Tampere Biennale 2020: El Canto del Mar Infinito (commissioned) for Uusinta Ensemble.

Industrial Isolation and Cultural Self-Exile: the Formation of an Independent Music Scene in Montreal

A Study of Sources and Performance Practice Issues in Recently-Rediscovered Sources of Seventeenth-Century French Harpsichord Music

Les Instances (2019) for diffused synthesized sounds and large ensemble

Prokofiev on a Steinway


Mutek and Lab Synthèse: Trends in Policing Indie Electronic Music in Montreal

Steinway Piano Chillout

Reimagining Musical Instruments: The Sound of Impossible Objects in My Music

The Dimension of the Fragile (CD) Víctor Ibarra + Vertxe Sonora Ensemble

2 Pianists and 2 Percussionists (9 minutes): Cartography of Confined Spaces, ICEBERG New Music

Avant-garde and Popular Forms Between Music and Visual Media – Transhistorical and Intermedial Investigations

Love and Longing

Yoonie Han - Works By Granados Haydn Liszt Bach-Busoni Albeniz-Godowsky

Prepared Oboe, Prepared Alto Saxophone, Percussion (x2), Piano and Prepared Double Bass (8 minutes): Cartography of Convoluted Spaces

Granados: Goyescas

CD Album "Touching"